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"Sui Generis" 


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S. O. S. PROJECT  (SAVING Of SAKURA)      The New Life Of SAKURA (Cherrywood) Reincarnated as SuiGeneris FUNCTIONAL SCULPTURE

Sui Generis

RE: Functional Multi-Media Sculpture

I am in the process of establishing a new genre in art, and if not new it is definitely under the radar. My endeavor is to illuminate, expose and promote an aspect of art that is overlooked, unappreciated and for the most part seemingly disregarded as a true art form; which is “Functional Sculpture”. My current focus is multi-media functional illuminated sculptural works d’art within the field of functional sculpture. I have also pioneered the use of Kouzo (mulberry bush) as a key component of my works. In exploring the use of Kouzo and as a natural progression thereof, I discovered a method to render this amazing material in a manner conducive to translucence. This process which is extremely labor intensive and concurrently time consuming allows me to render the material exponentially more translucent and semi-transparent without jeopardizing the strength or durability of the material. After rendering, the material assumes a magical trait, having the appearance of being electrified, iridescent without the rainbow colors. The other equally imperative material peculiar to my works is the natural growth Yamazakura (mountain cherry wood) which is very scarce and sacred in Japan and is the material (in most cases) from which the base and structural elements are derived.

My choice of materials; distinctly Japanese materials (all from Japan and in most cases can only be acquired there) was quite by accident, serendipity if you will and in hindsight, an advantage for an emerging artist by providing the separation and subsequent branding that distinguishes me from all others. As an emerging artist who acquires, employs and utilizes a scarce thus rare natural resource in an environmentally conscious manner in conjunction with pioneering the use of Kouzo in the manner in which I’ve rendered it sets me apart and positions my work in the category of “Sui Generis” and would tacitly obliterate the barrier to entry because the materials I use are peculiar, unique and specific to me and my works alone, anywhere. My quest is to demonstrate creativity and to exuberantly illuminate, expose and promote with extreme prejudice an overlooked, underexposed, underrepresented and seemingly disregarded form of art: truly “functional sculpture” by exploring the magic of serendipity and embrace the wave of natural progression in expanding my skill in my chosen art discipline.