"Sui Generis" 

Care/Info/Fact Sheet


 ◙  Structural Materials are mainly from reclaimed, saved and revitalized natural growth solid Yamazakura (mountain cherry) variety , which is very rare thus scarce from Japan (occasionally  obtained from the forest however and for the most part, often saved from being burned)

◙  Shading Material obtained from the *bark substratum of ∆Kouzo (Mulberry bush). The process to transform the Kouzo into the form that is employed with these sculptural works is specific, peculiar and unique to my works only; anywhere. No one but me uses this material in this fashion. I discovered, invented and developed the method.

 ↔  ATTENTION: The shading material is extremely sensitive to soiling, therefore it is absolutely imperative that it is respected and YOU REFRAIN from TOUCHING !

 ◙  These sculptural works are not only meant to create a resplendent ambiance but as an unexpected beneficial attribute, you are encouraged to spray the shading material with whatever scent entrances you because the heat from the bulb causes the aroma to emanate… = instant  aroma therapy

◙  The Yamazakura has been dried, cured and aged naturally for over a decade (14-19 years)

◙  These works are fitted with intermediate and regular size bulb sockets or strip LED’s

◙   Direct sunlight is OK for a few hours

◙  May be lit continuously for 24 hours without concern

↔  ATTENTION:   Use Only a maximum of 60-65 watt bulb ↔

◙   Replacement bulbs can easily be acquired from Ace Hardware or similar outlet

◙   At your discretion, oiling the Cherry Wood base periodically is advised; using olive oil is ill-advised and a no-no; coconut oil is highly recommended as is mink oil

* Bark substratum - Thin cellular layer under the bark consisting of the Phloem, Cambia and Xylem of most higher plants

∆Kouzo- The raw material that is utilized in producing traditional Japanese handmade paper



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